Galvanized Wire

galvanized wire

Galvanized steel wire is a steel wire with zinc coating. This zinc coating gives the wire a bright, shiny appearance while protecting it against corrosion and oxidation in high-moisture environments. Galvanized Iron Wire is designed to prevent rusting and shiny silver in color.

Galvanized wire has good toughness and flexibility. And way more durable compared with black black annealed wire.

It is solid, durable and extremely versatile. Widely used by construction workers, agriculture and craft makers. Its aversion to rust makes it extremely useful in the exterior and permanent structures.


Length/Weight Per RollCustomized
PackagingWoven Fabric
UsesConstruction, Agriculture, Nail Making, Wire Mesh, Metal Fencing.
Minimum Order26 tons / 20’GP container

Two Types of Galvanization

Electro Galvanization

Electrolytic equipment is used for electro-galvanizing. This process is cost-effective and more environmentally friendly compared with hot-dipped galvanization.

In general, the zinc coating of this is process not very thick compared with hot-dipped galvanization. But the electro-galvanized wire has enough anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation.

In addition, the zinc coating thickness is very consistent, smooth, and bright. So the wire can be used outdoors for a few months without rust.

The electro-galvanized wire is mainly used to make nails and wire ropes, wire mesh, and metal fencing.

Hot-dipped Galvanization

The steel wire is dipped in the zinc to gain a zinc coating. The zinc coating is very thick but not even. This is why the hot-dipped galvanized wire is not as shiny as the electro-type.

The production speed is fast because it won’t have to go through electrolytic equipment.

Hot-dipped galvanized wire with firm zinc coating provides strong corrosion resistance and high tensile strength. This kind of wire is widely used in permanent circumstances. Commonly used in chemical equipment, petro equipment, steel structure, power transit, etc.