Black Annealed Wire

Black Annealed Wire

Annealed Wire is a cold drawn low carbon steel wire which is produced through an annealing heat treatment. This process gives the wire the characteristic of high flexibility. This process softens the wire and makes it perfect as a binding wire.

Annealing also changes the wire’s color from grey color to black color. This is why we call it a black binding wire.

It is an ideal material for the construction industry as it is flexible and easy to work with. Quite often the annealed wire is used for rebar ties. Sometimes it is called binding wire because it is used for binding the rebar.


Length/Weight Per RollCustomized
Surface TreatmentOiled
PackagingPlastic Wrap + Woven Fabric
Plastic Wrap + Jute
UsesConstruction Rebar Binding, Agricultural Bales Binding, Daily Use.
Minimum Order26 tons / 20’GP container.


Does Black Annealed Wire Rust?

Annealed wire resists corrosion. But still, it will rust if used outdoors. This is a disadvantage compared with galvanized wire.

What is the definition of annealing?

Heat and then cool steel or glass for softening and making the material less brittle.