About Us

We are a medium-sized producer and exporter of binding wire in China. We have been producing many types of steel iron wire for many years.

Our products are mainly black annealed wire and galvanized wire. Those can be custom produced into different roll sizes and other deep-processed products. 

You can see more of our products here.


Our Advantage

We are experienced in producing all types of binding wires from steel wire. Your orders will be well handled in terms of quality and packaging.

Our company aims for hardware wholesalers and we can offer the buyers very competitive prices on each of our products.

Nearing Qingdao port and Tianjin port, our wire company has convenient transportation to the TOP 10 container ports in the world.

Can you make Small Rolls?

Yes. No matter how small the binding wire roll is needed, we are able to produce it.

Feel free to contact us if you need any of our products.